Adventures of Justa Smidge: Night in a Shining Armoire Collection Edition

~All three books in the Night in a Shining Armoire series are here in one volume! ~ In an almost forgotten corner of Royal Curmudgeon’s Haberdashery, there is an armoire—and someone has left the light on. But, as dedicated employee Justa Smidge closes shop for the evening, it’s not clothing she’s met with while searching for the light switch, it’s sloping hills, colorful trees, and characters that aren’t all good, aren’t all bad, but are most definitely a little different. As Justa follows a path through this strange new land she discovers that she may only travel in one direction, so when she can’t turn back to return to the haberdashery, she has no other option but to push on and try to enjoy the journey. Join Justa on all three of her adventures through the armoire in this collection; Night in a Shining Armoire, Beyond Thursday and Friday Ever After.