Bedsure Mattress Encasement Twin XL/Twin Extra Long Size Mattress Cover Bed Bug Mattress Protector Waterproof Zippered

Bedsure 100% Waterproof Mattress Encasement for bed bugs envelopes and seals off completely with high quality impermeable TPU cover to improve your sleep quality and mattress comfort against accidental spills, stains and bed bugs than regular mattress pad, cover and protector. As a effective and efficient measure to inspect and eliminate bed bugs for your new luxury mattress and infested mattress.
Utilize 100% lightweight polyester microfiber to help you install mattress encasement easily and conveniently by only one person. Reduce the risk of allergic reaction against dust mites and other allergens to safeguard your parents and children with hypoallergenic & antibacterial mattress encasement protector.

Product Features

  • REMARKABLE WATERPROOF PROTECTION: BEDSURE 100% Waterproof Mattress Encasement protects against from accidental spills,stains and moisture to keep your luxury mattress clean-Shield a impermeable TPU mattress cover to block all liquids from penetrating your expensive mattress,perfect for sweaty sleepers,parents who have young children and people who eat or drink in bed-Prevent bacterial and bad smell in damp to improve your sleep quality and comfort than mattress pad,cover and protector.
  • MAGNIFICENT BED BUG PROTECTION: Mattress encasement for bed bugs entirely encases and seals your fabulous mattress and box spring to safeguard your family away from bed bugs-Apply effective and efficient treatment to detect and eliminate bed bugs easily through blocking them outside the surface to protect your new mattress and box spring-Install our protector to save your infested mattress as bed bugs are trapped inside and unable to escape or breed, thus starve without feeding eventually.
  • EXCELLENT FEATURED DESIGN: Twin XL encasement measured by 39″x80″ fits any mattress effortlessly from 9″to 12″to give a smooth appearance-Unlike 5-sided fitted sheet mattress pad, cover or protector, 6-sided zippered mattress encasement encloses your mattress completely to prevent beg bugs escaping through-The secure end stop zipper with a foam pad cover upgrades the security level of protection for bed bugs-100% lightweight polyester microfiber ensures installment easily by one person.
  • BEDSURE ENCASEMENT BENEFITS: Provide complete protection from wear and tear to extend the longevity of your mattress like mattress pad and cover-Easier to preserve, move and wash than mattress itself-Hypoallergenic microfiber mattress encasement protector reduce the risk of allergic reaction for your children and parents to ensure a healthier sleep-Guard your mattress against dust mites and other allergens(molds,dead skin cells,etc.)to protect your mattress a better place to sleep.
  • WHAT YOU CAN GET: Available in Mattress Encasement Twin Size 39″ x 75″, Twin XL/Twin Extra Long 39″x80″, Full Size 54″ x 75″, Queen Size 60″ x 80″, King Size 78″x80″-Veritable BEDSURE Trademarked Products-In Business since 1972-BEDSURE guarantees to provide 1-Month return and replacement service & life-time free customer service-We want our customers to be 100% happy and satisfied-You are always welcome to us for any product issues of mattress cover, pad, protector and encasement.