Household Essentials Vintage Metal Storage Trunk, Rustic Silver, X-Large

Household Essentials Extra Large Corrugated Metal Storage Chest combines home furnishings and storage for smarter interior design. This extra-large decorative storage trunk work well as a sofa table and end table, creating smart storage out of existing living space. Place one under a window or against the foot of the bed for a storage seat! This storage chest has a flat, hinged wooden lid. Its spacious storage box rests on 4 feet for an elevated trunk, perfect for carpets and protecting wood floors (TIP: grab felt furniture pads from a local shop to protect floors even more!). Best of all, the trunk is finished on 3 (yes, three!) sides with corrugated metal. Far from incomplete, that 3-sided finish allows the trunk to sit flush against the fall, sofa, or bed. This maximizes storage space while minimizing impact on a room’s layout! The trunk is painted to appear weathered for an absolutely stunning wooden storage chest with metal overlay. The extra-large trunk is 22.5 inches high x 35.5 inches wide x 16.5 inches deep. For a statement piece that needs no more words, look no further than this Extra Large Corrugated Metal Storage Chest.

Product Features

  • Extra large, rustic wooden storage chest with weathered, corrugated metal overlay on 3 sides and a flat, black back
  • Tall and spacious, with black interior and lots of storage space
  • Hinged lid opens fully and stays open
  • Stylish: rustic chic and distressed industrial
  • 22.5 inches high x 35.5 inches wide x 16.5 inches deep