mDesign Fabric 5-Drawer Dresser and Storage Organizer Unit for Bedroom, Apartment, Nursery or Tight Living Spaces – Pink/White

The mDesign Fabric 5-Drawer Dresser offers modern fabric bin storage that provides both space-saving solutions and a stylish accent to your room. These fabric drawer dressers are perfect for smaller spaces in bedrooms, apartments, nurseries and other living areas with tight spaces. The 5-Drawer Dresser and Storage Unit offers a unique storage possibility with deep drawers, sturdy frames and a fashionable fabric to help you maximize the storage space in your home while adding some charm!

Product Features

  • The 5-drawer storage unit provides both larger bins and smaller bins that can be used as dresser drawers for storing out-of-season clothes, shirts, sweaters, jeans, underwear, blankets, and towels and even laundry essentials
  • These fabric drawers offer a stylish balance between modern design and function
  • Perfect for nurseries, studio apartments, small bedrooms, guest rooms, craft rooms or hallways
  • Made with a reinforced pink polypropylene fabric that resists sagging and a strong steel frame; Hardware is included for easy and hassle-free installation
  • Measures 39.5″ x 11.5″ x 21.75 for each storage unit