Terrernce Tactical Bed Pistol Holster, Bedside Handgun Holster, Mattress Gun Holster Universal With Flashlight Loop

Stealth car holster quick and easy access: Great quality and flexibility. Easily adjusts to various frames; compact, sub-compact, or full-size hardware securely. The innovative mount design allows for conceal carry permit holders to holster firearms in a vehicle for relief when carrying a firearm in a sitting position with seat restraints. Use: Weapon Holster (Holder), Extra holders for a flash light and Ammo Magazine.Or use it for your favorite Gun Magazine, even will hold Emergency Medicine Bottles. Features: No floppy stretchy flexible fabric to fold under while it’s holding the weight. Infinitely adjustable to fit everything you’ve tried. from the slimmest mouse-gun concealable carry pistols.to the largest caliber full frame semi-autos, to the giant cylinders of big-bore wheelguns. Bottom can be opened wide enough to accommodate accessories without hanging up. like the light (e.g. Streamlight 69220 TLR-3 Weapon Mounted Tactical Light) you really should have on your bedside gun. You can set it just right for full trigger coverage (for safety) with full grip exposure (for quick draw). Lots of Velcro on the adjustable parts, so it holds the preferred size setting very very securely. Size: 17.5 X 16 Inch Weight:0.33 Lb

Product Features

  • 1: This system is designed to be removable, It can be divided into two independent upper and lower parts. The upper part is non-slip and fixed, The lower part is a gun holster, So the velcro on the back can make you a hanging holster.
  • 2: High quality elastic material, Whether using as your as a bedside holster or a hanging holster, you can count on the quick quick draw capability and durability this holster offers.
  • 3: Bed pistol holster is made for installed under all mattress bed, it can also be used on office chair, desk, table, couch etc. It compatible with most cars, trucks, vans.
  • 4: The bed pistol holster was designed to easily carry a pistol (or any other compact item) closely while driving. Bringing users practicality without sacrificing style and fashion.
  • 5: Anti slip fabric will secure the holster in place from falls or movement , the flat part between the mattress and box spring has plenty of length and width, and anti-slip friction material strips on top and bottom, to keep from sliding out.