Yihmi 300ml Mini humidifier Cool mist humidifier Essential oil diffuser humidifier Ultrasonic humidifier Auto Turn-off Keep your kids/family/office room air fresh (Pink)

Our Advantages
1.Whisper-quiet operation, give you a good and sweet sleep
2.Easy use and clean. Take off the lip, add water and essential oil, then fresh vapor come out immediatly
3.Mini and fashion design, you can carry wherever you want

Our Quality
1.Shockproof and shatterproof,have silicone cushion protect the bottom when stand
2.Portale and light weight (7ounces)
3.Three modes for your choose:
—first time touch:can working continuously for 3 hours, then auto turn-off
—second time touch:can working every 2 seconds and stop 3 seconds, auto turn-off after 8 hours working
— third time touch: turn-off immdiately

Product Details
Product name: Yihmi 300ml Mini Humidifier
Size:4.3 x 4.3 x 3.5″
Weight:9 ounces
Inculding one USB power supply and can be connected with computer or adapter, the output voltage is DC 5V

*Top Notice:The black spot on the lid must be aligned with the black spot on the base, the humidifier can be work properly. Please kindly make sure to operate correcly, or it cannot work.
1. Please power off the product before open the lid or not use it.
2. Please do not wash the electronic part,to avoid damage the electronic components.
3. Please pay attention to the ratio of essential oil and water when in aromatherapy, because to much essential oil will clog the ultrasonic part and the spray hole,will affect the mist output.
4. Please don’t add fragrance to water when in when in aromatherapy, because the fragrance will clog the ultrasonic part and the spray hole,will affect the mist output.
5. Do not add water over MAX line,add water on time to make sure continuously mist out put.

Product Features

  • Relieve the dry feel in winter and bring fresh air. By using 200 million times per second ultrasonic high-frequency shock, the spray will become 1 micron 5 microns of ultrafine particles and negative oxygen ions. It can achieve uniform humidification and remove the warm feel.
  • Resist dry skin and delay skin from aging. Our humidifier can help you control the air humidity and relieve the skin tight, crack, dry problems.
  • Reduce the spread of flu germs and prevent colds. In autumn and winter, if humidity control between 45% -65%, the germs have the shortest time to survive. Actually, our indoor humidity is much lower than this standard, but our humidifier can meet this essential demand. It also eliminates static electricity and prevents the furniture, books, bags from aging damage.
  • Easy operation and avoid breeding secondary pollution by long-term storage of water. When you easy touch the switch, it can work 3 hours, with intermittent mode and 8 hours operation (interval 3 seconds). When water runs out, the humidifier will be intelligent automatic safety shutdown. Our 300 mL (10.25 fl oz) capacity is your best choice; it can easy keep clean water than other large-capacity humidifier. It can maintain the humidity range of up to 300 – 400 square feet .
  • Your satisfaction is our pursuit. If you are have comments on our product, please kindly feel free to contact us, we will give you a full refund based on reality.