YOZO Modular Wardrobe Portable Clothes Closet Chest Drawer Polyresin Storage Organizer Bedroom Armoire Cubby Shelving Unit Dresser Multifunction Cabinet DIY Furniture, White, 8 Cubes

YOZO Modular Wardrobe:
– White
– 8 Cubes: Fit for small room, apartment, dorm
– 18.1 inch(Depth): Hanging adults’ and children’s clothes

– Soft Polyresin Sheet
– Steel Frame
– ABS Connectors
Grid Dimensions:
– 13.8″(W) x 17.7″(D) x 13.8″(H) / 35cm(W) x 45cm(D) x 35cm(H)
Unit Dimensions:
– 28.3″(W) x 18.1″(D) x 56.7″(H) / 72cm(W) x 46cm(D) x 144cm(H)
Item Weight:
– 17.2lbs / 7.8kgs

Main Components:
– 22 pcs x Rectangular Panels (13.8″ x 17.7″ / 35cm x 45cm)
– 8 pcs x Square Panels (13.8″ x 13.8″ / 35cm x 35cm)
– 8 pcs x Square Doors (13.8″ x 13.8″ / 35cm x 35cm)
– 2 pcs x Hanging Rods
– 36 pcs x ABS Connectors
– 150 pcs x Cable Ties
– 1 pc x 5-column Hooks
– 1 pc x Wooden Mallet

What makes YOZO stand out among all wardrobes?
– Better price and easier installation comparing wooden wardrobes.
– More durable and sturdier than fabric wardrobes.
– Modular sturcture enables custom designs.
– Extra panels and connectors provided for custom structure.
– Exclusive Gift: 150 pcs cable ties for securing structure and connecting doors.
– Exclusive Gift: 5-column hooks provid extra hanging positions.
– Guarantee for free replacement parts in one year.

– Modular and simple installation needed. Please do not order if you have problem with installing things.
– Returns requested within 30 days from the receiving date will be accepted after confirming the reason of return and condition of the item.

Product Features

  • MUTIFUNCTION STORAGE ORGANIZER – 8 Cubes create this versatile portable wardrobe for different spaces like bedroom, living room, dressing room, etc, and also for different belongings such as clothes, bags, shoes, toys, etc.
  • DURABLE MATERIALS – polyresin sheet with steel frame, lighter but enough sturdy.
  • MODULAR STRUCTURE – have fun building custom shapes and structures.
  • EXCLUSIVE GIFTS – 150 pcs x cable ties, 1 pc x 5-column hooks, 1 pair x working gloves.
  • FAST SHIPPING – most buyers can receive the products in 2-5 days.